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Aluminum Systems for Modern Kitchens & Interior Design

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Entertainment System: Infinite Possibilities

This isn’t an entertainment center, this is an entire entertainment system.


Made with Zobal’s anodized aluminum, these wall systems are able to support your TV, streaming console, and everything in between.

The furniture boards are fully customizable as well as infinite possiblities when it comes to the size of the aluminum profiles. Our wide variety of accessories mean that you can create an entertainment system perfectly catered to your needs. Check out what we have to offer!


TV Mount: Available in 30×30 or 45×45 tube. 400 MM in length


Display Shelf: 216MMx300MM. Tempered glass is 6mm thick.


Shelf: Available in 20mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500 mm, or 600mm in length


CD Rack: Available in 150MM, 300MM, or 600MM

With unique style and full functionality, this is a great alternative to the normal TV stand setup. Contact us today if you have more questions!