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Aluminum Systems for Modern Kitchens & Interior Design

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About Us

We offer A to Z solutions for any required aluminum fabrication for furniture industry. Modern technology, best employees, strong quality control, fast production and ongoing new product development sets us apart from everyone else!


We offer solutions for Aluminum fabrication, processing and anodization

Mechanical Processing of Aluminum

We offer broad range of solutions and long track of expertise in aluminum fabrication and processing. We own technologically advanced machinery that provides the highest standards in aluminum processing services.

Available services include custom fabrication, precise cutting, drilling, milling and polishing.


Aluminum Surface Processing

Our long standing experience in the market for furniture accessories has resulted in a special approach to the quality of our products. Due to vibro-abrasive treatment of elements and structural brushing (with an adequate color one can receive a stainless steel effect, called INOX), we can offer great possibilities for processing aluminum elements.



Our new anodizing plant was opened in 2008. Its technologically-advanced production line allows for better control over the production process and broadens the scope of surface finishes enriching our offer with the service of anodizing.