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We offer A to Z solutions for any required aluminum fabrication for furniture industry. Modern technology, best employees, strong quality control, fast production and ongoing new product development sets us apart from everyone else!

Sliding Doors: Slam-Free and Pretty

We’ve all been there: your sliding doors slam, fall off the riders, and in most cases barely do their job. We’re tired of shotty construction and that’s why we set out to build the perfect sliding door. Integrated with Blum systems to prevent slamming, you’ll get a perfect sliding door every time.

Picture this: you grab your clothes, hang up the hangers, and slide the door shut with a smile. There is no slam, no fuss. On top of all of that, it looks beautiful! Check it out for yourself:

sliding-doors sliding

Say goodbye to those old, broken doors and hello to classy style! Contact us today for a quote!